After having our traditional Christmas celebration, the only thing left to do in the 2020 is the new year party, for many, this is a moment to take a deep breath and say- “ this year has finally come to an end”- as we al know the year that is ending put the whole world upside down and for this reason we all wish to get back to normal as soon as possible.

With high hopes that 2021 will be a better year, we bring you a Krono Polo product with which you can start the new year, with the faith that the new season will allow us to meet each other again, travel and continue with all the activities that were put on pause during most of the 2020, let’s remember that polo also had some consequences and events like the “triple corona” in Argentina was done behind closed doors and that coming up in January one of the most expected tournaments in the St Moritz was postponed.

In this article we want to highlight our Krono Polo T-shirt, Krono has a wide range with different designs, with the colour white and black being a predominant colour in their different designs, neutral colours that allow them to be used in any moment due to the fact that they look good with everything.

The best of the features is that hey are fresh, youthful and versatile, they are not only for you to practice polo but also to use them in any moment. Perfect for those days in which you wish to look good without making a great effort, with some worn out jeans and a sober and sophisticated t-shirt.

All Krono t-shirt are thought to be used on a daily matter, this way you can renew your closet and also use a comfortable t-shit for each day of week, Krono Polo t-shirt have a round neck and short sleeves, they are made 100% in cotton which makes them fresh, breathable and give you a careless look.

The timeless and sober design allows you to use them when practicing polo in the club or to go to the gym, use them with jeans or a blazer and you can create an informal look to go to the office o to go out with your friends, it all depends on the type of imagination you have to create different outfits giving you a new affective image.

Krono Polo t-shirt come in different sizes and you can acquire them through the web page remember that we have international shipping, however you must be aware of the shipping time to have your Krono t-shirt set as soon as possible.

Written by: Santiago Betancur

Translated by: Mayra Alejandra V. Ramos