If one thing is certain, it's that South American style is unmistakable everywhere and enhances the richness and diversity of its territory and multiple cultures. That's why its delicious food, diverse in music and fashion are such an inspiration around the world.

A characteristic by which South American fashion and accessory designs are easily recognisable is the use of prints; it is common to find vibrant colours woven into different garments, created in natural materials such as wool and leather.

At Krono Belts we have found inspiration from the fabrics, figures and symbolic representations that each print has, starting from the fact that each garment has a story which is told through these elements, managing to transmit powerful and special emotions and meanings. This is how Krono Belts is composed of a range of products with a characteristic pattern from South American culture and in a series of colours as wide and varied, seeking to be faithful to the representation of the richness of Latin cultures.

It has been the richness of South American cultures that has allowed them to create great pieces using top quality natural materials, this is why if we wanted to make a collection with the characteristics of that region, we had to use materials with the same quality features. Now, the answer to using these garments to your advantage lies in the accessories; items that have the perfect touch to capture attention in a discreet and modest way, but still have the enormous power to give a basic outfit a 360º twist.

The key to distinguishing yourself without bordering on excess is to turn these leather goods into focal points, that is to say, that people's attention is focused on these items, preventing them from competing with other items you are wearing with the same or more intense colours and prints.

Reason as to why these items look fantastic with monochrome outfits, they give a touch of personality and unique style, while maintaining the sobriety of the whole outfit. Polo belts, for example, also look perfect with white polo trousers, as it allows the belts to stand out by contrasting beautifully with the neutral colour of the polo whites.

At this point, we want to note how the polo belts have the same design as the dog collars, since we know first-hand -as we are animal lovers- the pleasure that generates to go out with our dogs with clothes that resemble the ones we are wearing at that moment. That is why at Krono Belts we have designed not only collars but also dog leashes under the same source of inspiration, so you can go out with your pet everywhere while keeping the same identity.

On the other hand, we don't want to limit you with the options in which you can use your polo belts, since, for more formal occasions it is also valid to use this accessory. In this case we recommend a full linen suit, ideal for the summer, making you look not only good but with an authentic and genuine style.

To sum up, the key to wearing South American garments lies in the balance between the prints, the lightness of the garments used and above all the quality of the materials, which must be of the highest quality.

Visit and discover the different accessories that can complement your wardrobe. On each product you will find a substantial description that will help inspire you when wearing our polo belts or other accessories.

Written by: Santiago B. Posada

Translated by: Mayra Alejandra V. Ramos