Krono Polo has established itself as a brand that exports design and style wherever the passion for polo is in the air. Creating a polo shirt is therefore not only a duty but also a commitment as a brand, in search of bringing to the different polo teams a sophisticated and avant-garde vision of what represents the essence of Krono.

The process of creating the shirts for polo teams consists in getting to know the essence of the different teams, clients and players. Once we have identified the personality of the team, we seek to reflect through the design what we want to project, whether it is a youthful, sophisticated or traditional look, always with the help and involvement of the polo team, in order to meet all their needs.

Krono Polo Experience

Krono has a long trajectory since it has been offering its different products in the market. It currently has a head to toe offer for polo players in terms of everything needed to play polo, and not only for the players, but also for the care of the horses and the entire polo team.

Since its early stages as a polo brand, it has been fortunate to have worked hand in hand with great people, clubs and tournaments, designing and creating the image of the different polo teams, with world class polo players. Krono Polo has provided advice on the design and production of shirts and collections that have arisen from the collaboration with major polo houses, seeking to improve the image of these polo teams, with the help of technological clothing items that generate an increase in performance and an improvement in sporting results.

Recently Krono Polo created an alliance with the La Natividad Polo team, and in its history, it also has the experience of having sponsored the La Irenita polo team in Argentina, who wore from head to toe articles manufactured by the brand, finding in Krono a perfect ally.

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