We know that, due to the increasing popularity of polo -which excites us greatly- there are more people every day who dare to practice this sport, associated for years to the royalty and now played by people of all ages and different countries.

As a consequence, the increasing of fans has boosted the offer of sport articles from various brands, but do you know what do you need to account when it comes to choosing your polo items?

One of the main polo equipment, as it protects the players from serious injuries, are polo helmets. It is known that the head is one of the most exposed and sensitive zones when playing polo. Taking care of this vital area requires specialized equipment, and materials, processes and engineering capable of providing the maximum possible safety. 

That is why, if you are thinking of buying a polo helmet for the first time or renewing yours, it is necessary to look for one that not only has a cool design but also has the appropriate specifications that guarantees your safety. 


Almost everywhere, polo associations and those who rules the equestrian sport in each country, have some policies and regulations to play polo in the diverse tournaments or official activities. One of the most common is the mandatory use of polo helmets, that should be certified by every association in order to safeguard the health of the players and prevent unfortunate situations. 

They take very seriously the safety issue and fix some parameters to test the sports equipment, in this case the polo helmets, looking for them to accomplish their goal of protect player´s integrity.

For example, the Krono Polo helmets have the PAS 015:2011 certification, issued by the Hurlingham Polo Association (HPA) which is the main polo governing body in England. This certification is mandatory for all polo players of that country, it means, every player who wants to take part of the official tournaments or endorsed by the HPA, should wear the certificated helmets as it is part of the game regulation. It also means that, if a polo Brand wants to enter to the English market, should have this permission, otherwise their helmets could not be used.

The PAS 015:2011 certification is also an entry ticket to play in other sporting events all over the world, working as a passport, which, due to the strictness of the standard, enables entry to tournaments and championships in multiple countries.

It's important to note that Krono Polo is currently in the NOCSAE ND050 certification process, which goes into effect in the United States. The reason is that the United States Polo Association (USPA) modified some parameters for the polo helmets testing, with more demanding and reinforced rules, what means that the polo helmets now should be more resistant and have technologic improvements for being used at the United States.

You can say that having Krono Polo equipment gives you access to a lot of opportunities around the world, as you can participate of many and various events, leagues and international tournaments, but the main thing is that it will take care of you to the fullest.

To deeply know the mechanism used by Krono, it's appropriate to mention the technology inside. The Krono Polo helmet is the first built in a honeycomb shape that helps to generate an ideal deformation zone in the case of blow or coalition, cushioning the impact and absorbing in a way that highly reduces the probability of suffering a severe traumatism.

On the other side, the convertible visor and the possibility of choosing the type of visor by English or Argentinian, are a plus that differentiates Krono Polo from the competition, not to mention other factors as the three-points magnetic buckle, which is a world class innovation, and the rear adjuster that provides the best fitting accord to your shape.

As we know, the success of protection helmets depends on their perfect fit. A helmet that doesn't correctly adjust to the player head puts his life at risk. This is the reason why Krono has made big efforts to give a solution to this problem and developed the three-points magnetic buckle, which not only fastens properly but also gives an adequate adjustment to the player's anatomical conditions.

Besides, Krono has the option to create custom polo helmets, starting the manufacturing process from scratch if the polo player so desires. 

The customisation option allows to put your own personal seal on an already manufactured helmet, adding differentiating elements in colour and design to fit not only your body but also your essence. It also seeks to guarantee a perfect fitting that can be translated in comfortability, safety and durability, accompanied by the option of choosing the way how your polo helmet will look like.

Is a fact that the best polo helmet is not the best looking or the most expensive, it is the one that has been carefully crafted throughout the manufacturing process and where the finest details make the difference. Krono Polo has mixed the engineering and design, in order to give life to an equipment that is not only the best but also unique.

Discover by yourself the benefits of wearing the Krono Polo helmets, today´s superstars of the polo world prefer our helmets for the safety and comfort they offer. Go now to