Caps are the perfect accessory for break the structure of any outfit, they not only give us a youthful and relaxed mood, but also help us to look risky and full of personality. 

Ideals for wearing in moments when formality is not necessary, caps turn a serious outfit into a funnier one. Both in men and women, caps are versatile, perfect for any time of the year and, depending on the colours and design, they make us look more appealing. 

In sports such as polo, tennis and golf, it is very common the use of caps because, besides they are an accessory that improves our appearance, they are also useful for protecting us against the sun and rain. It is usual to wear caps when you visit the playing field; for example, polo is an outdoor discipline played in large open-air fields and it is usual that weather affects more than normal the skin, visibility, among other things. Hence, the use of cap become a must, not only for polo players but also for groomers and other polo team personnel. 

One of the polo distinctive features is that, although it is played outdoors, it has seasons during the whole year. Even though the most important world class tournaments are played in summer, for example Argentina, where at this time of the year is played what is known as the Triple Crown, which is made up of the three most important polo tournaments of all. In addition, the United States, England or the United Arab Emirates - just to mention a few - also have their own summer dates, which are very attractive indeed. But, it is important to mention that there are other seasons like Arena Polo and Winter Polo, seasons in which rain is much more common and can become annoying. 

This is the reason why caps have become a first-hand accessory, not only for the days of play and action on the field, but also for the solo or team practice days, visits to the stables or just spending the day at the polo club. 

On the other hand, those who love polo and have dedicated their lives to this sport, know that polo is not only lived on the field, on contrary, polo is more than a game, is a lifestyle that is felt at every moment: at home, with a group or friends or with family. This is the reason why the way we act, express and dress is influenced by the passion for polo. Now you know why how we dress is usually casual or informal, t-shirts and jeans and, why not, caps for going out. This happens because this is exactly the clothing used for polo: comfortable and without many pretensions. 

Krono polo has available different kind of caps in the market, all of them inspired by polo. As a brand, Krono is always looking to innovate in the creation of the necessary elements for polo, whether in protective equipment such as polo helmets, gloves or elbow guards, or in articles related to polo lifestyle such as t-shirts, hoodies or caps. 

One of the outstanding articles in the lifestyle line of the brand are the caps, which are made in resistant and durable materials that allow the cap to maintain its shape for a long time, as well as resisting the sun's rays without fading and the rain without weakening its structure. 

Among all the Krono Polo caps we have available, you can find one for every taste. However, we recently pre-launched the Waterproof Cap Krono, with a waterproof technology designed to bead away water, perfect for rainy days and for wearing without need of constant washing. 

The advantage of the Krono waterproof cap is the ease with which it repels water and does not allow dirt to penetrate the cap's fibres, and its sober design, which is available in black and white, is perfect for visiting the club or for looking sophisticated on a day at work from a coworking space, at home or simply for an afternoon of Argentinean barbecue with friends. 

Krono Polo waterproof cap has six panels, two rigids in the front and the other four without structure. This makes it flexible, comfortable and with a perfect fit for your head, but at the same time keeps its classical shape. Its low crown gives it a sober and sophisticated touch so it can be used in different occasions, besides, the visor is curved and the snapback adjustment (adjustable plastic clip at the back) allows you to adjust it to your liking, always maintaining the classic line that is sought after in this accessory. 

An additional feature of this Krono waterproof cap is that, by not absorbing water, it keeps light all the time, so you can wear it without feeling uncomfortable or without the sensation of water dripping inside your head when it is raining. On the other hand, by being made with a high technology fabric, it always looks smooth and perfect, compared to other caps made in conventional fabrics such as cotton. 

Krono Polo has been working constantly in the creation of products for polo, looking for innovate and offer new possibilities to amateur and professional audiences. Currently, our products are available at different specialized multi-brand stores, but e-commerce has become our main way of sale. 

Through the Krono Polo website you can find all the brand's products, including the Krono Waterproof Cap which is in its pre-launch.