One of the polo implements on which we should focus our attention is the saddle, however, this element is ignored by quite a few players and is not given the necessary attention in many cases.

Anyone who has played polo knows that a large part of the result depends on the horse, so it is not surprising that the saddle is such a valuable implement, which when chosen correctly and conscientiously can benefit us and make the difference in every match. The saddle is the bridge and the connection between the horse and the person on top of the animal, the message we send to the horse depends on a good or bad saddle, making it fluid or hindered by the saddle.

An unsuitable polo saddle creates discomfort during and after a game in polo ponies, causing the pony to feel uncomfortable in the game and to become a rebellious animal. On the other hand, there is evidence of horses injured by a bad saddle posture, which is excessively rigid and therefore not in tune with the polo player's back movements, causing pain.

It is therefore necessary that the polo saddle not only properly supports the weight of the polo player, but also fulfils other important functions such as allowing us to control and direct the animal properly. Earlier we indicated the connection between the upper part of the saddle and our legs; it requires a flexible, elongated and flat structure that allows the polo player's legs to grip the animal, allowing a clear hit on the saddle where the horse can easily decipher the message.

Krono Polo has understood the importance of the saddle and that is why it has sought to create, with top quality materials, a flexible saddle to enhance the playing experience of the horse, but being rigid enough to support the weight of a person. The solution has been to opt for materials such as pure wool, beech wood, leather and suede, providing attributes that benefit both the player and the horse.

Today, Krono saddles have become one of the lightest saddles on the market, maintaining the centre of gravity and maintaining control of the polo pony at all times, but allowing the freedom and autonomy that the animal requires, strengthening the bond between the pony and its owner. If we stop to analyse these benefits we can agree that, after each practice or game, the horse will recover much faster and we will be able to make the most of the animal in each chukka.

Krono Polo saddles are designed to last, with a clear objective: to maximise horse care and comfort, reducing the risk of injury as a result of excellent technique and posture. Visit and discover for yourself the pleasure of owning a Krono polo saddle.