With the increasing popularity of compression clothing, it is not surprising that every day more and more people want to wear these garments when doing any physical activity, whether it is sport or training in the gym. A garment that used to be difficult to find on the market is now available in different sports shops, on the internet and produced by all kinds of brands.

This should come as no surprise, as it has been proven to be effective due to the multiple benefits it offers in terms of muscle recovery, reduction of post-training pain and its help in preventing the risk of injury; all thanks to the fact that it keeps muscles stable by controlling the vibration waves generated by repetitive movements when training, in this specific case in the upper body area; it also increases blood flow and allows for constant oxygenation of the tissues.

Getting the maximum benefits of compression shirts depends on knowing how to choose the right size, as their effectiveness is directly related to an ideal fit to our body, without meaning that the compression T-shirt should be small or extremely tight, as this would end up having a negative effect on our sporting performance.

In the following chart you can learn how to choose the appropriate size of your Krono Polo compression T-shirt. We must take into account that the sizes are associated with the measurement of our chest, so it is important to know the correct measurement of our body, in case you do not know how to measure this area of the body here we show you how to do it:


You should measure around the widest part of your chest, holding the tape firmly under the armpits and around the shoulder blades, aiming for a straight circumference of your body.

Are your measurements not listed in the table?

If your measurements do not correspond to the exact size shown in the table, but lie between two different sizes, you should choose the next size up.











CHEST (cm)





It is important to note that you should choose a good quality compression T-shirt that has no visible seams, as constant friction causes injuries. Another important aspect is that the fabric should reduce humidity and have the dual function of protecting us from the cold in winter, but in summer it should be breathable and allow temperature regulation, reducing the growth of bacteria and eliminating unpleasant odours.

Krono Polo compression T-shirts have features that make them ideal for polo or any sport in general. Its fabric is highly elastic and does not lose its original shape, its seams are unnoticeable which increases the comfort when wearing them; as if that were not enough, Krono Polo has the option to customize them with the logo of your polo team or with a personal detail.

If you want to customize your compression t-shirt remember to order this product in time to ensure fast delivery processes, Krono has international shipments through its website visit and discover its catalogue of products to play chukkas or to go to the gym.

Written by: Santiago B. Posada

Translated by: Mayra Alejandra V. Ramos