The different Krono polo saddles have a modern and surprising design, which also offers total comfort to the rider and at the same time polo pony, a fundamental aspect for Krono in order to take care of one of the most important treasures of the polo player: his horses. These combined aspects make Krono polo saddles a fantastic choice for any polo player regardless of their level.

Krono Polo saddles are created with ultra-lightweight elements in order to make this item a lightweight structure, easy to carry by the horse without causing discomfort in the back area and, as a consequence, it can move freely on the entire length of the polo field. This is a great benefit as it allows your horses to recover quickly between chukkas, so you can have a better playing strategy and therefore a better performance with your polo equipment.

Some polo experts go so far as to say that the horses are the real stars of the game, accounting for more than 70% of the outcome of the game. For this reason, it is normal - and of utmost importance - that players are always looking for the opportunity to equip themselves with the best four-legged allies.

However, even if they have the best horses, with exceptional features and care from the entire team supporting each player, the polo saddle is often not given the necessary attention, either in terms of its design or the materials from which it is made. A poor quality saddle can cause injury, discomfort and pain in the horses during and after a match, resulting in poor performance throughout the game.

It is common for polo players to make the mistake of not taking a good look at the saddle for different reasons, sometimes it is due to ignorance, but in many other occasions because they want to save money they end up buying a saddle that finally becomes a headache for the player and for the horse. 

Another of the most common reasons that cause discomfort to the polo horse and the player is caused by a heavy or inflexible polo saddle, which does not have the ability to acquire the movements of the horse's back and move in unison with it, generating pain and discomfort in the animal. A good quality polo saddle has the facility to flex with the movements of the pony's back, having a direct impact on the horse's performance and a score that is sure to be in your favour.

Polo saddles have different functions, not only to support the weight of the player on the horse, but also to serve as a comfortable seat for the rider. Among its other functions - which are no less important - we find, for example, the control and direction of the horse, due to the connection that is generated between the upper part of the saddle and the legs. One of the recommendations for optimal communication between the polo player and the animal is that the polo saddle should have an elongated and flat structure that allows the rider's legs to be held firmly and thus provides control and a solid strike structure.

Krono Polo has three types of saddles available, all with excellent features and top quality materials, including elements such as pure wool, beech wood, leather and suede, which are designed to provide attributes that benefit the player and the horse. On the other hand, it has been proven that thanks to the innovations introduced in the Krono Polo saddles, one of the lightest polo saddles in the market has been obtained, which allows to maintain the centre of gravity of the rider and, in addition, a total control over the polo pony.

Here are the three Krono Polo saddles and why they are great recommendations, choose the one that best suits your needs or preferences:


This frame is used by international polo superstars such as Juan Britos, Hilario Ulloa, Jeta and Barto Castagnola. This product gets its name from the fact that it is probably one of the best adapted frames to the high level of polo in Argentina, England and the United States. The Krono "High Goal" saddle is made in Argentina, home to the best saddlery experts, specifically made for polo.

Made from Argentinian leather, the Argentinian craftsmen strive to create a strong, durable but above all comfortable and lightweight polo saddle, which when combined with top quality wood, creates a structure that is flexible but maintains a solid shape. With its wide seat, it ensures good stability during play.

The frame is available in many sizes and can also be customised with your team logo.


The Krono "High Goal" saddle is made in Argentina, which is where you will find the best saddlery expertise. This Krono saddle is made from an ultra strong but incredibly light material, allowing extra comfort for you and your horse.

This carbon saddle takes the experience of playing polo to another level, as your horse will be able to recover quickly and your favourite animal will be able to accompany you for longer on the field at various polo tournaments and championships. This saddle, as you can see in the picture, is customizable.


The Krono Polo Saddle is an item of superb quality, designed for those who value the experience of playing polo at another level, not only for the comfort of playing polo in a good saddle, but also for the fact that they feel comfortable wearing one of the lightest polo saddles in the world. This ultra-light polo saddle is the best contact saddle, as it has an innovative design that makes it one of the favourites on the market.

We never tire of saying that lightweight saddles have a direct effect on the performance of the horse and at the same time the player. By reducing the overall mass and centre of gravity, it increases the level of prolonged endurance and faster recovery for the horse, so from the first second to the end of the seventh minute, you can be sure that your horse will perform to its full potential.

The Krono Polo saddle is made of a strong, mouldable, laminated beechwood tree with a reinforced base. This material absorbs part of the impact, protecting the horses at all times; in addition, this polo saddle is equipped with recessed stirrup bars. 

For added comfort and in order to achieve maximum comfort for the horses, the way the Krono Polo saddle is constructed, it is possible to equip panels filled with pure wool. This provides a pleasant feel for the horse and, of course, optimum protection against knocks. Unlike other materials, wool distributes the weight of the player over a larger surface area, avoiding pressure points in small areas that can be affected later.

Krono Polo saddles have a single purpose: to take care of your horse on the field, to give you comfort and to make the most of your performance to put the score in your favour.

The durability and functionality of a polo saddle varies greatly depending on the quality and materials from which it is made. On average, a polo chair can last between 2 to 20 years, which is quite a wide range for a polo essential. Durability is a factor that is also determined by the manufacturing process and the expertise of those who make it. A low quality frame tends to deform over time, during its first years and even months, it may seem to be in perfect condition, however, over time you will see that it loses its shape and there you will have noticed that cheap is expensive.

Krono Polo, after consulting with the best polo saddle manufacturers in the market and introducing its own technology in innovations, has managed to obtain ultra-light, comfortable and durable horse saddles, a process that has required time and effort on the part of the engineering and design team of the brand. You may think that the investment in a saddle is high, however, it is necessary not to skimp on a polo saddle that brings great benefits to you, your horse and your polo team. Once you start to see the wonderful results and the long life, you will see that it will be well worth it.

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Written by: Santiago B. Posada