Respecting a uniform is similar to respecting a flag, respecting a patriotic symbol or loving something you feel as your own. The polo shirt is not just a shirt, it is the uniform that identifies us as belonging to a group for which we fight, cry and experience incredible happiness.

The polo team shirt should represent who we are as a team, it should reflect the style of the game, the values of the polo team, the personality of the players. The team shirt should not only have the logo, nor should it be chosen lightly, the design should be clear, the colours should be clear, and each player, when seeing the result of the polo shirt, should feel represented without having to say a single word in front of his opponent. It should show power, presence and, above all, a lot of style and personality.

The materials of the polo shirt are fundamental, it must be breathable, but firm and durable. This is essential, as playing in the summer is a challenge for players and for any human being, so the best fabrics should be used to help the polo player to cope with the heat, and thus, increase their resistance.

Krono polo team shirts are made of breathable polyester. This artificial fabric has exceptional qualities for this type of sport. Here we tell you about them:

1. It does not deform:

One of the great properties of polyester is that it neither stretches nor shrinks. It has a recovery capacity that other natural fibres do not have, for example, it does not wrinkle. This is why the fabrics with this technology used at Krono Polo are renowned, they are mostly composed of polyester and lycra. Ideal for competitions and sports clothing items where the wear and tear to which the clothing item is subjected is high.

2. Can be combined with other materials:

Such as rayon, cotton, wool, nylon or viscose, increasing the quality of the final product and allowing multiple uses. This way we obtain a soft, durable and breathable polo shirt.

3. It is light:

This does not prevent it from being a very resistant and durable material. A lightweight clothing item enhances the wearing experience, allowing you to play comfortably and concentrate on what really matters, the polo. A very versatile textile with tensile strength and tear resistance.

4. Absorbs less moisture:

This great feature allows the clothing item to repel fungus, mould and bacteria. This not only increases its durability, but also prevents the generation of unpleasant odours, helping you to feel safe and confident at all times.

5. Absorbs dyes better:

Polyester clothing items usually feature brighter colours and prints and also more durable. For this reason, the shirt colours chosen by polo team members are vibrant with unique and stylish designs.

Both natural fibres and synthetic fibres have different characteristics and advantages, the main difference being the technology with which the textiles are created, always taking into account the end use they are intended for.

If you wish to receive advice on the design of your personalised polo shirt, do not hesitate to contact Krono Polo, there will be a design team ready to help you in the whole process of creating your polo shirt.