It is no secret that wearing sunglasses is not just a matter of fashion. According to studies by the American Academy of Ophthalmology, bright sunlight has direct effects on our eyes, which can damage the tissues on the surface of the eye, the cornea and the crystalline lens and, consequently, increase the risk of developing eye diseases or conditions.

Without wanting to sound dramatic, the important point of this article is to clarify that sunglasses are not only a matter of vanity, but also of well-being for our body; therefore, based on the suggestions of experts who recommend the use of sunglasses, we dare to affirm that, before any exposure to sunlight, it is ideal to choose sunglasses with adequate filters that prevent the passage of 95-100% of ultraviolet radiation.

Here are some tips for when buying your sunglasses:

1- Go for trusted brands

It is always advisable to buy your sunglasses in opticians or specialised centres, as these places have more rigorous quality controls and specialise in sunglasses and lenses. But it is also important to value the effort that brands make to create designs and implement constant innovations in their lenses, so it is advisable that before buying sunglasses, check how well known is the brand you have chosen and what seal of confidence and guarantee it provides when buying this article.

2- Always use UV protection

You should wear sunglasses with lenses that block UV rays, and this does not depend on the colour of the lenses or the price. Protection is only guaranteed when 100% of UVA and UVB rays are blocked. The letters UV on the label guarantee that they have protection.

3- Colour is not (only) a matter of taste.

Each lens colour has a functionality or at least favours vision in certain circumstances. For example, brown lenses improve contrast and are ideal for everyday use; reddish lenses improve depth perception; and grey lenses are the best ally for enjoying natural colours in bright sunlight. Green lenses alter colour perception more than greys or browns, which is why they are often recommended for water sports and winter sports.

One of the most popular styles of sunglasses are mirrored sunglasses, which have a reflective coating on the outer side that offers excellent sharpness with minimum glare.

4- What colour to choose according to your skin.

To find out which colour sunglasses are best for you, the first thing to do is to determine your skin colour. Earth or brown tones are the best choice for warm skin. Mirrored lenses, which have a golden or yellow reflection, are perfectly suited to olive skin. Grey and blue lenses look perfect on a pale, rosy complexion with cool undertones, as the metallic effects of silver and blue mirrors offer a perfect contrast to this skin tone.

5- Size does matter

The bigger the sunglasses, the better, but of course within certain limits. The shape of the lens has to follow the natural line of the eyebrow -although it's OK if it goes a little over it-, but it's important that it doesn't press on the cheek and, above all, that it doesn't clash with the eyelashes as this is very uncomfortable. A factor that we seldom take into account is that, if the sideburns are wide, they protect better from the entrance of lateral light.

6- Find harmony with your face

If your face is oval and elongated, almost any frame shape will fit your face perfectly, but avoid frames that are too small or round, as they tend to make your face look longer. If you have a triangular or heart-shaped face, the most flattering sunglasses designs are round or oval, as well as rounded rectangular styles, as they tend to compensate for a narrow chin. Opposites attract and this is particularly important for round faces where more angular styles with sharp corners are favoured, and finally if the face has a square shape, round and oval frames will look great as they can help soften the jawline.

Sunglasses are one of the favourite accessories for men and women, it is often inevitable to become addicted to this article as they are accessories that can become the protagonist of an outfit, either by their style, colour or design. Not only do they protect us from the sun, but they also help us on those days when we're exhausted from a late night, work or because we just don't feel good without anything on our face.

Sunglasses are then the perfect ally that always beautify us in a matter of a second and increase our self-esteem to astronomical levels, but in order not to fail in the attempt to give a complete twist to our outfit, it is important to own glasses that really give us character, personality and go well with the occasion, the place and our clothes in general. That's why it's important to get hold of good sunglasses, which is why at Krono Polo we have exclusive designs made directly in Italy, where good taste can be found in every corner.

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