Polo boots are one of those garments that everybody wants to have of good quality. Fortunately for the brands, polo players and people involved with the sport appreciate the effort, tradition and art of creating this leather pieces that have the function of not only look stunning but also, and much more importantly, to cover and protect the player's legs.

Boots are not exclusive to polo. It is an article that belongs mainly to equestrian sports but they are also acclaimed in the fashion and leather goods world, for their stylish shape, their superior materials and, above all, for the unique way in which they make men and women look.

Check out our three recommended Krono Polo boots references:

Three-layer polo boots

The Triple Layer Polo boots are manufactured with a triple layer of leather on the outside for extra protection, durability and shock absorption.

The Triple Layer Krono boots are only available in made to order (Bespoke) and delivery can take up to 31 days. The leather of our Triple layer Krono Polo Boots is very soft and pliable, it conforms to the foot even to the point that it will sometimes shrink down a width or half a size if they are a little loose. 

Custom Polo Boots

Buffalo leather is perfect for Polo Boots. A lot like our skin, it is a material that breathes, absorbs and releases moisture. The boots adjust to our body temperature making them comfortable while playing high goal polo during the summer heat of Argentina and Palm Beach or to play arena chukkas during the moist and cold winter polo season in the UK.

The Krono Polo Boots will conform to your body but will not stretch out of shape. The leather will become suppler and more comfortable after many months of use.

Cordovan polo boots

Cordovan skin, also called Shell Cordovan or Anca de Potro in Spanish is superior to anything else when it comes to luxurious quality polo boots.

This luxurious leather is a very dense, fibrous membrane cut from the hindquarters of a horse. It is one of the most expensive quality leathers available. It is hard wearing, durable, lustrous and generally water resistant. It has no visible pores and instead of creasing, it ripples beautifully with time.